God says: I take the loan of an old shoe.This chariot is fixed as the instrument in the Drama : he is Bhagirath..he is the lucky chariot isn't he? ( Here Brahma Baba, the lucky chariot, pictured with his grandson Manoj in the early 1960's)


On this page we will bring you quotes spoken by God, as per BKWSU belief, introducing Himself (sic) and His necessary role : more of who He is and what He does, in brief. The quotes are taken from teachings (murlis) that Brahma Kumaris, with some justification, and an informed faith, believe come directly to them, and to anyone who cares to listen, from God, The Supreme Soul, spoken through a medium. From 1964-69 murlis were spoken  through the founder Lekraj Kripalani/ Brahma Baba, and since then through Dadi Gulzar. The murlis spoken from 1964 till  Brahma's passing in 1969 are called sakar murlis (sm), the teachings  through Dadi Gulzar are called avyakt murlis (am). They are very different in content : sakar murlis deal more with the knowledge God gives to the world, avyakt murlis are more to do with improving our dharna (behaviour) and service.  The sakar murlis are read 6 times a week in BK Centres around the world, repeating every 5 years. Murlis are enlightening, entertaining, droll, weird, challenging,loving, stern,repetitive,advisory,engaging...but alas, sometimes rather boring in their rather hidebound English translation, and often read with little enthusiasm by BK teachers at the BK schools.. Murlis are also censored,('revised') especially sakar murlis, and the early avyakt murlis, as God has sometimes made politically incorrect statements, at least in the eyes of the BK Seniors, or otherwise made observations that the conservative BK leadership would rather not have to explain.

Murlis are now available online at We will add new Godly chats about Himself regularly....Smile

The Father is explaining to you the essence of the scriptures, and is also telling you the world history and 25/09/00

God gives you the knowledge which is latent within HIm. He is first the Ocean of Knowledge, the the

I have come to educate you. You, My children sre more loved than 06/05/98

God is the Creator of heaven. You cannot say that He is the Creator of the world. The world is eternal. You can say that He is the Creator of 16/06/00.

The Father says: I do not create the world, I transform it. sm

The Father says: If I create the new world, then the impure world definitely has to be 25/02/00

God has the one concern. I come to purify the impure and to give them the inheritance of the land of peace and the land of 07/04/00

The Father says : I have brought Heaven on the palm of my hand for you children. sm 21/02/01

According to the Drama I have to enter this one. I name him Brahma because he belongs to me. sm 29/03/00

God's praise is totally unique. He is the One who is ever pure, but He cannot enter a pure

God says: Because they see Me in an ordinary body they are unable to recognise Me sm 07/08/01.

It is written in the Gita: I enter an ordinary mature body. sm 24/08/01

The Father has entered the great,great grandfather Adam. sm 16/03/00


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25.06 | 22:16

Hi Rosa Pls do note that this site has no issues with the challenges of the teachings, but does seek more openness honesty and compassion in BK management­čî╣

24.06 | 06:08

I love the Brahma Kumaris. The Raja Yoga teachings have uplifted the lives of so so many human beings. It is sad to see you feeling and talking this way.

04.06 | 01:22

From 'Special notice for 18th January 2018', "After bhog, have a light breakfast of milk and fruits at the centre and have yoga from 9.30 to 12.00 noon". Why?

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This old knowledge, this useless manmat? Shiv Baba tells the double foreigner 'make extra effort'. Bharatwasis know why.

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