New preamble and note: On July 26 2016 our dear friend Anthony Strano passed on. And we remember him today, one year since he left us. Anthony was supportive of this site and on July 22 2016, only 4 days before his passing,  he  sent us an email seeking clarification:

Referencing the 'destruction' topic, Anthony wrote  to us that it is 'important that you clarify things because definitely people who know that a 1976 date was given would find it contradictory'. Anthony said he would contact the www.aboutbk site moderator 'and ask to remove those lines since they are obviously wrong'. 

 Now read on...

The highly respected BK Anthony Strano has a most interesting article on www.aboutbk.com. However, he also tells us that no date for a 1976 destruction was ever given in the 'murlis', the official word of God Himself as per Brahma Kumaris philosophy (Anthony told us that BK leadership assured him that this was so). Anthony writes on the site: 'At various times in the organization’s history, and for various reasons, some members have mentioned specific dates when they believed a destructive-transformative moment would occur". This is surprising, as  uncensored murlis with references to destruction in 1976  exist, as old BKs are awarePREDICTIONS 1976. 

The claim that the murlis have given no date for destruction is repeated by the moderator of the aboutbk site : "We don’t have any evidence of an actual date (month and year) in the Murlis as Anthony Strano stated in his piece" and "Yes, it was part of the mindset in the early community but it was never prophesied in the Murli itself".  This is quite untrue,alas.Although we may not have the month of destruction (!) in the murlis, surely an obfuscation, we have certainly had the year from God, for whatever reasons God may have had.GOD + DESTRUCTION







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04.05 | 01:31

This old knowledge, this useless manmat? Shiv Baba tells the double foreigner 'make extra effort'. Bharatwasis know why.

26.12 | 09:20

I would like to see the current modified versions place more emphasis on the positive rather than the punishment, Not our fault we came down hey!

25.12 | 18:57

On 19th Dec Saturn /. Pluto entered Capricorn and will be there for a few years which to Astrologers means nothing can remain hidden.

14.12 | 23:09

The insecure ego says & does anything to sustain itself. Call it identity politics, tribal loyalties, but its all about ”me” . Spirituality is a cloak.

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