Brahma Baba on the left and Om Radhe/Mama on the right, 1950's India.

Hello friends : well here it is  'Mama's Day'  June 24  : we note she is being referenced as REVEREND Mother Saraswati in some BK PR for the occasion...the cult of personality seems to be growing apace: she was a remarkable woman who probably would not have appreciated the veneration. We've slid the story we have about Om Radhe to a more prominent position for you to celebrate her presence through the realities of the actual tale, rather than the hagiographic memories, as best we may.🙂

Mama ...Radhi Pokardas Rajwani came from a Sikh family and was one of the earliest followers of Bhai Lekhraj, from Om Radhe, she became known as Mama. Mama enthusiastically embraced the spiritual understanding as presented to the group by Bhai Lekhraj/ Prajapati God Brahma. She represented the institution in court, proselytised with great enthusiasm, and was the  spokesperson for the Om Mandli. She was said to have a maturity and grace beyond her years.

Om Radhe is believed to be Saraswati, the living Goddess of Knowledge of indian mythology by the Brahma Kumaris, even though she passed on in 1965, less than two years after the  teachings of God speaking through Brahma Baba were recognised as the True Knowledge: that is to say official 'murlis' only date from 1964.  Mama systemised Brahma Kumaris practises as the institution grew, introducing white saris, which she adopted from the Christian nuns she saw, and 'Amrit Vela', the early morning meditation practised by the Sikhs (though the Sikhs rise for Amrit Vela at 3:00am, the Brahma Kumaris at 4:00am). 

Although her achievements as a young woman (she died at 46 of cancer) are considerable, like Brahma Baba she has become an object of devotion and myth, rather than simply  appreciated for her achievements. She is also praised by BK leadership for her unquestioning  devotion to Brahma Baba, an example  adherents are encouraged to emulate.

Bk leadership used to claim that Mama would take rebirth in a 'pure' household, and the Nepal  royal family was promoted as a possibility. But since the massacre of the Nepal royals by one of them this idea has been discarded. But she is considered to be living somewhere in the world  now, she would be nearly 50 years of age, in preparation for a  rebirth as Radhe, consort of Krishna,(Brahma Baba) in the soon to be established Golden Age.

June 24 each year is celebrated by BKWSU as Mama's Day. A BK India video celebrating her life (English commentary) is at : 

And n unusual story, calling on  Mama to make a Solomon like decision is told by Carmen Warrington in the last few minutes of the film The Avinashi Social Club ( Drawn from the book 'Adi Devi : Jagadamba Saraswati' p:250-251 pub BKIVV Mt Abu)



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My lovely mamma

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dadi prakashmani was a great leader and one of babas favourite students baba use to take her name in sakar murli as an example. Baba used to call her kumarika.

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baba uses destruction word so that brahmins do teevra purusharth

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in murli baba has said sangamyug is 100years baba talks about destructrion so that brahmins purusharth can take lift.babas words are kalyankari

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Goodonya Robin.