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Hello dear friend, before reading, you might like to refresh yourself here.+BK AUSTRALIA: NEWS!

 So,  praise the Lord, we have a reply  from divine brother charlie  and our divine yagya : australian division, through one of their legal team: a month later than promised, but there it is now, happily sitting in my inbox: 

 And  this is the wonderful tale of how it got there...

 Now I don’t know about you but I am very new to this drama of hanging out with a cast of legals, but it’s pretty lively theatre! Scene one began quietly a couple of months ago, with a chat over a chai with our divine brother bk charlie and legal divine brother bk mr violet, and me. This chat evolved into a meeting with myself (in the company of  my mild mannered solicitor), along with divine brother bk charlie and bk legal divine brother mr violet, and, a certain mr yellow; a legal from the big end of town. Following the  lengthy entertainment of our get together, mr yellow appeared to retire backstage never to be heard from again. But his role  was swiftly taken over, apparently, by mr blue. mr blue it seemed might only be a casual understudy,  as mr blue did not seem to present quite the star quality of  mr yellow from the big end of town.

mr blue and I have since had an exchange of emails. mr blue, curiously I thought, responded in a style suggesting he had himself attended the meeting referenced above, which he had not, even as understudy.


 BECAUSE...only last Friday an email with lots of attachment  was delivered to my inbox from mr blue : it was nothing less than a grand response from our divine yagya: australian division to my heartfelt queries about this, that and the other!

But then friends there came a curious twist in the plot.  After the weekend, that is to say on the Monday, that is to say on the Monday following the Friday that I got the email from mr blue, yet another solicitor strode onto the stage:  ms orange. ms orange, an unsuccessful candidate of the palmer united party at the last election, announced her entrance with  an email telling me to forget about  all the bk stuff I’d got from mr blue, and that now she, and only she, ms orange, would be the main actor, with the role of emailing me bk stuff from   the divine yagya : australian division! 

  I did wonder a bit about what was going on in the solicitor casting office of the divine yagya though: four solicitors already…! 

Then... on the Tuesday following that same Monday, I got a big surprise: another email from mr blue! mr blue told me that indeed he had been dropped from his original role by a decision of  the divine yagya: australian division, and  that yes ms orange was indeed now cast as the main actor. I’d got to know mr blue a bit from our emailing to and fro, and I  thought he sounded a bit down: he wrote that he had received info that he was no longer loved... I did feel for him... I hope our divine brother charlie will send mr blue some flowers or at least a box of sindhi halva and a shawl… 

 Anyway  friends  I must now get myself focussed on Monday’s email from ms orange, 42 pages no less 42 pages... which I notice  was the same as Friday’s email from mr blue, but no mind.  Ms orange told me  not to tell you what our divine yagya: australian division wrote in the email: so another time perhaps. Meantime we communicate...

I am  wondering if this kaleidoscope of divine yagya: australian division legals  will eventually feature all the colours of the rainbow: 3 to go! What do you think?  




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DONE Sending...

Truth Bhai | Reply 05.08.2015 20:10

does the gagging order allow you to show the legal document? sounds expensive :)

MABK INFO 05.08.2015 22:28

Not legal documents, but letters of concern about BKA governance from us. Presently we do not relate to BKA thru a legal, but personally: + we hope fruitfully.

Viggo | Reply 27.06.2015 07:53

Not much more enlightened, but certainly entertained. Great humor, Robin

Sowing And Reaping | Reply 16.06.2015 19:16

"But goodness, in this taxpayer supported 'divine family' my small voice is certainly getting some undivine treatment!" Hahahaha, they trying to bully you?

MABK INFO | Reply 15.06.2015 23:24

Hi s+w just need some patience now...

Sowing And Reaping | Reply 15.06.2015 21:51

Ok, thanks Robin. Sounds like you're prohibited from publishing (publicising) the outcome, in which case, can I ask you to email me their response?

MABK | Reply 15.06.2015 10:27

s+w i think its common practise for legals to put that in their correspondence. I will have to check though if its a legal have to.

MABK | Reply 14.06.2015 16:34

Ah of course s+r but I never saw the film : brilliant observation, must reference elsewhere! Probably not as written by legals, but in my words prob: dunno..

Sowing And Reaping 15.06.2015 05:17

You're saying the outcome of your lawyers' submission on the matter has, effectively, been silenced by BK legals? What do you mean, exactly?

Sowing and Reaping | Reply 14.06.2015 01:55

Film, Reservoir Dogs had Mr Pink, Mr Brown, Mr White, Mr Blue. Bananas ref. was keystone comedy of the BK lawyers. So,when are you allowed to report an outcome?

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Goodonya Robin.

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Hi Moninder: you no doubt read site ref DADI JANKI CLARITY ref DJ EEG. No ‘scientific report’ was provided to support the claim, so actuality unclear.

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Can anyone provide me scientific references or reports about Dadi Janki ji's EEG tests!?

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Nice to find this site, Robin. An oasis in the ocean of dross which is so often BKism.

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