Independent, creative, supportive, and a BK foundation sister from the Dadi Prakashmani days. Marg had a fine intellect, a generous spirit and a patient understanding of BK ways.

       Our old and dear friend Margaret Newton has passed on. Our thoughts are especially with Michael, Joe and Frank : together with Margaret they shared an exemplary spiritual life, in a variety of colourful and welcoming houses, all known as Bunny Bhavan, for more than thirty years.

           Sister Margaret Newton Australia 1951- 2016

Our beloved sister Margaret Newton has unexpectedly passed away. Her body suffered a massive stroke on early Thursday morning following a short illness and treatment at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. She was in the best medical care and we understand Margaret left her body calmly, quickly and without pain. Sister Margaret touched the lives of many people through her practical spirituality, generosity of spirit, enthusiasm and good humour.

Margaret came into Gyan in Sydney on her lokik birthday, August 20, 1976. Bro Richard (Rick) Mark-Wardlaw, from London, was renting a room in Margaret’s student house near Sydney University, where she was in her final years of her Law studies. Rick met Bro Joe Timmins who brought him to the centre and he began coming to classes. He took the murlis home and Margaret was reading them and wanted to come to the centre. Rick brought her to meet Michael Timmins and from then on she began her BK life, with Bro Ken O’Donnell giving her Baba’s course.

Whilst overseas Margaret decided to go to London for further BK study when Dadi Prakashmaniji was on her world tour in mid 1977. Dadiji asked Margaret to go to Madhuban until she returned. Margaret spent 3 months living in Madhuban and 3 months travelling around India conducting programs at BK centres from Kanyakumari to Srinagar to Calcutta, Delhi and Mumbai. During this time she developed friendships with many Dadis, Didis and other Sisters and Brothers.

Margaret returned to Sydney to help in the development of the Australian centres and was one of the first sisters to live with Didi Nirmala, and travelled with her to New Zealand and Fiji. Around this time her father was very ill so she spent her time balanced between caring for him, Baba’s service and her job working with the Attorney-General’s Department. Mr Newton, a retired Police Superintendent, referred to Margaret as his Indian daughter and was fully supportive of her BK life. He left the body in 1979 and at that time Margaret decided to join Joe and Michael to share a house together as a BK family. In 1980 Bro Frank Hubbard joined the household, which later became widely known as Bunny Bhavan.

From the beginning Margaret was involved in the development of innovative service projects such as the Sydney Peace Pavilion; hosting receptions for visiting Dadis and Dadas in prestigious establishments; tying Rakhi to VIPs; and networking with other like-minded peace focused groups to broaden the BKs outreach. Since 1997 she has been the team leader of the annual Peace of Mind Meditation Experience held at Gyan Sarovar, a program that has enabled thousands of people from more than 60 countries to experience Baba’s knowledge, meditation and BK lifestyle. She also worked closely with Sr Jayanti and others helping develop and roll-out the BK Global Functioning initiative.

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Wendy Farrington | Reply 10.04.2016 02:40

My thoughts are with the 3 bunnies. Much love

Prabhu | Reply 07.04.2016 05:26

Thanks a lot for this ... Wonderful ..

loretta and michael -los angeles | Reply 07.04.2016 02:47

Many fond memories of Margaret - her lovely smile and calm nature - We were always received with much generosity..Our thoughts go out to Michael Joe and Frank

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Sure, but that radical change was the result of a number of successive refinements in those 25 years. Paradigm Shifts rarely happen suddenly -

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Not sure if this applies so much to BK in India.
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Baba may not have made any major distinction here. After all, early movies did not have much cinematography. They were largely recorded theater performances

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