In early 2012, Brahma Kumaris ran a US$2,000,000.00 campaign on prime time Indian television, presented by the intelligent and graceful BK Sister Shivani. At the time you may recall there was a lot of new age talk about 12/12/12 being the day of the end of the world, which BKWSU, hedging its bets, appeared to endorse.

Two 30 second spots were the backbone of the campaign.The first spot said ‘2012: THE END OR A NEW BEGINNING !’, the second ,‘GOD HAS COME!” And Sister Shivani guided viewers to Brahmakumaris for more information.

 Certainly BK’s were told by God (on 06/02/02) to ’Speak with authority' as well as to ‘drop a Godly bomb on your own stage', and 'let their heads spin about what you are saying’, while  also reminding BKs that ‘What you are telling them are the versions of God’ which BK media may have been promoting. However, God has never mentioned 2012 as the date ( unlike His oft repeated 1976 date of destruction) and national television is hardly the BK’s ‘own stage’.

This expensive campaign had little impact on Indian viewers, according to a BK media spokesperson. Perhaps, in a society overflowing with prophetic religious buzz, Indians are becoming enured to the BK full frontal approach...or should BKWSU keep on plugging the different to their current 'new age' approach in service?




Sister Jayanti . Sister Jayanti is an accomplished  speaker on the Brahma Kumaris circuit, and has an easy nature in interviews, though avoids discussing the more controversial aspects of BK life, in keeping with leadership culture. The astute Rajiv Mehrotra invited her on to his prime time program ‘In Conversation’, on the Doordarshan News Channel .

 Referencing the experiences (visions) of BK founder Lekraj Kripalani in the 1930’s Rajiv queried: ‘There is this notion in the revelations that there will be this brimstone and fire, and there will be a new beginning, and people's actions,karmas will catch up with them . Is this a fair assumption?’

Jayanti responded that one of Dada’s visions was of ‘God as a a being of Light, the Supreme, he had to connect with. He understood that a new world was possible but only with a transformation of the human heart’.

However,In truth, we now know that Dada had no such vision.In the murlis (God's revelations) read on 27/03/99, 19/07/00, and 06/10/00 it is made clear that the three visions/experiences were of himself as Vishnu, the 'destruction' of the world. and the 'creation' of a new world. Lekhraj didn't understand the implication at the time, nor did Dada have a vision of God as Light : for some 30 years he and his followres believed that he was God : some still do.

 Rajiv went on : "Are you the chosen to lead this process of the transformation of the human heart?’

 Jayanti responded: 'The image I hold in my mind is the image of the Tree, and how every single branch of the Tree is important and relevant. I would say all the traditions are part of the beautiful Tree of Humanity.”

Well the concept of all religions, including BKs, as branches of the Tree of Humanity is appealing, particularly so as presented in BK interfaith programs. But what Sister Jayanti avoided saying was that BK’s do not see themselves as a branch, but as the roots and the trunk of the tree of humanity (Tree of Religions), from which all other religions spring. That is to say, BK’s believe they are the foundation of all the religions that come to pass in the new Cycle of Time.

BK’s believe they are 'the chosen', because they alone experience God as he really is, and so they alone can transform their hearts and become the Superpure Souls who usher in the coming Heaven on Earth.

 But we wonder Is this sort of 'In Conversation' spin again getting airplay in the West?

On her 2013 Australian tour BK Jayanti had an interview on the Channel 10TV morning show. The interviewer said directly to her:  'Sr Jayanti you have worked with some incredible people over the years, President Obama, the Pope...' and in her intro:  'Sr Jayanti has worked with Popes and Presidents helping them to relax...'

Sr Jayanti did not refute these service initiatives which do seem rather far fetched, involving as they do such world luminaries. So we approached BK leadership for clarification, but received no reply. Privately we are told that they never happened.



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DONE Sending...

Shop_n_Save | Reply 18.01.2015 08:30

I saw Jayanti on 10. The host and regulars got a taste of dharamraj, and commented on it. Oh, if we can just get Jayanti to acknowledge the truth in house.

Maarty Bronson | Reply 27.04.2014 16:18

Way too much money gets spent and wasted on trying to convert others to the OUR WAY RIGHT WAY THE ONLY WAY ! spend it on other usefull things !

Dunc 18.01.2015 13:02

right on. In fact a personal loans/poverty alleviation scheme for old members would be great. giving back to those whom wholeheartedly gave of themselves to BKs

Maarty Bronson | Reply 27.04.2014 16:15

Every religious groups believe they are the chosen ones ! too much Blab - my comment BORING !!!- we should try LIVING IN THE NOW !!!

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Nice to find this site, Robin. An oasis in the ocean of dross which is so often BKism.

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