God's medium Dadi Gulzar waves God Shiva's flag on Shiv Ratri


In India this is the Kaliyug Era : the time of ‘ratri’ the dark night of spiritual ignorance, when according to the Bhagavad Gita, and Brahma Kumaris, God descends to uplift mankind and usher in a new Golden Age following the 'imminent' Great World Destruction: Brahma Kumaris philosophy tells us that this is that very time, and on the dark and moonless night of Monday February 16, God spoke once more to his favoured children through the medium of Dadi Gulzar.

The evening began with a half hour darshan from the medium, then the subtle yet commanding Godly presence descended,  rivetting the audience with His darshan, and the evening took off…

God had praise for His children, the children who recognise the subtle presence of the one true God: ‘Out of love for the children the Father is singing the song in His heart ‘Wah Children! Wah!...this face to face meeting feels so lovely. The Father is pleased and the children are also pleased. What wonders will you reveal in the future? There are many souls who have not yet received the message...the world is so, for the future, make a new program to spread the sound through which the people of the world stay awake…”

God emphasised that world service should continue courageously, with zeal and enthusiasm and in new ways, that there should be no complaints from people because they did not receive the Godly message.‘Although there are a few of you the few are powerful. You have now seen everything, and so you are clever in knowing everything.’

  Hoisting the Brahma Kumaris flag of Shiva, God said ‘Today we are hoisting the flag for Shiv Ratri...let there be the shouts of victory throughout the whole world! The Father has come... because eventually there will definitely be this recognition in the world that ‘Our Father has come!’

 Candles were lit, cakes  cut, sweets distributed, songs  sung, flags brandished and the 25,000 in the audience all trotted off happily for dinner.😋


SRIDHARBHAI 08.07.2016 23:16

The Trance medium says father has come.But where ..our duty to search.Many children has searched for and "found" the father.He is very much in this world doing

MABK INFO 27.02.2015 04:33

Delighted to be of service Cindi!

Cindi 22.02.2015 08:34

Praise the Lord. Hallelujah! I didn't know that God wore polycotton. I learn a lot from your site, brother.

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18.07 | 05:20

dadi prakashmani was a great leader and one of babas favourite students baba use to take her name in sakar murli as an example. Baba used to call her kumarika.

18.07 | 05:16

baba uses destruction word so that brahmins do teevra purusharth

18.07 | 05:11

in murli baba has said sangamyug is 100years baba talks about destructrion so that brahmins purusharth can take lift.babas words are kalyankari

14.06 | 22:39

Goodonya Robin.