The  colourfully written  and exuberantly presented paragraphs below are taken directly from a Divine Decree poster of 1949. Three things of interest.

Firstly, Infinite Divine Light had previously been identified by Om Mandli as God unmanifest: by 1949 IDL had become the abode of souls : though God Shiva was not yet identified as speaking through Prajapati God Brahma/ Dada Lekraj.Was He or not in the early years? The question remains.

Secondly, 1950 was confirmed as the year of the great world destruction : (underlined below)

Thirdly, Interestingly, Om mandli printing was now done by  Sind Observer press, though the Sind Observer, a few years before, had been one of the most virulent opponents of the Mandli.

 Leadership appointed historian, the late BK Dr Wendy Sargent confirms in her 2010 report to leadership: 'This first assumed destruction was to take place 12 years from the date of 1937 that is in 1949 (See the Divine Decree)'. 




Just as God (Creator) is eternal, so is this preordained, every revolving, movie and talkie World Drama (Creation) consisting of four Epochs, viz. Sat-Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga (Silver Age), Dwapur Yuga (Coper Age) and Kali-Yuga (Iron Age), depicting two contrasting aspects of life, viz. (1) eternally blissful and every-happy, Copper and Iron Aged, vicious life without control over mind, suggered due to adherence to the path of Devotion.

The reel of this eternal World Drama rotates automatically and unceasingly with the aid of eternal power of Almighty God, the Supreme Soul, and repeats its course identically every Kalpa (5000 years). Just as an ordinary stage play is hot up in the form of a subtle cinema film which is projected back on a screen from a far off place in a theatre, even so this corporeal World-stage Drama, eternally shot into Incorporeal picture existing unseen (but visible only through Divine Insight) in Infinite, is being continually projected back on the huge stage of this practical corporeal world repeatedly every Kalpa, times out of number.

Human beings are, thus, actors on the stage of this huge variety Human World on which, form the beginnings of Sat-Yuga till the end of Kali-Yuga, the most outstanding actors are Divine Fathers Prajapita God Brahma, Abrahma, Buddha and Christ who incarnate incognito, along with their respective Divine Ones, in their respective turn in different countries, possessing their respective Divine Power, and become instrumental, in spite of suffering tortures and tribulations, while renouncing vicious worldly connectins and purifying themselvess by having control over five vices, viz, lust, anger, avarice, atachment & arrogance (the great enemies of human being), to perform the foundation ceremony of their Golden Aged Deity, Islamic, Buddhistic and Christian Dynasties or Religions, lasting for 5000, 2500, 2250, 2000 years respectively. These very Divine Fathers, along with their respective Divines Ones, subsequently take several births as supreme heads of their respective religions or dynasties which they propogate while these these pass through their own Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron ages, till at the end of the Kalpa, i.e. on the day of final resurrection, after undergoing punishment ont he hands of God Dharamraj in subtle form for the wicked deeds, committed during their several births in Copper and Iron ages due to being under the control of five great enemies, their purfied souls go to abide in Brahm (Infinite Divine Light). Concurrently, according to the preordained plan of World Drama, Divine Father Prajapati God Brahma, along with His Divine Heirs, become instrumental for the re-restablishment of the original selfsame Sat-Yugi Deity Dynasty by obtaining victory over the five great enemies through perfect faith in "Aham Brham Asmi" i.e. "Aham Chaturbhuj" (I am the Creator as well as the Sovereign of Creation) like Kalpa ago.

This World Drama is also called "Kalpa VRIKSHA", i.e. the Human World Tree lasting for a Kalpa (5000 years), of which Divine Father Prajapati God Brahma, Corporeal Reincarnation of Incorporeal Vishnu (Chaturbhuj) is the Seed. The becomes instrumental for the establishment of Sat-Yugi, Gyan Suryavanshi Brahman Deity and Treta-Yugi, Gyan Chandravanshi Kshetriya Dynasty, the TRUNK of the entire Human World Tree. The three principlal branches of this World Tree, budding forth in Dwapur Yuga, are Islamic, Buddhistic and Christian Dynasties or Religions which, after enjoying happiness during their first half period by following the viceless path of Divine Wisdom, split up into various sects, religions, maths, paths, samajs, etc., as sub-branches and suffer sorrow and unhappiness by following the vicious path of devotion during the second half period. (One can never attain victory over the five great enemies by means of organising material Yagyas, reading shastras, giving alms, going to sacred places, etc.) Thus, this Corporeal Human Wortld Tree, emerging from its Incorporeal Seed, flourishes completely with all its varieties, till at the end of the Kali-Yuga, all the human souls of the old World Tree retire back into "Infinite Divine Light". Under the circumstances, it is absolutely incorrect to believe in the doctrine of "Aham Brahm" (I am Brahma or Infinite Divine Light). Infinite Divine Light is merely an abode of human souls.

Considering it as our Divine Duty, we forewarn the entire world at large like a Kalpa ago that as experiences through Divine Manifestations of the beginning, the course and the end of the entire World Creative Play revealed to us through Divine Insight bestowed by our beloved Divine Father Prajapati God Brahma, the time of the confluence of the end of the Kali-Yuga and the beginning of Sat-Yuga, the self same Gita Episode, is repeating itself in practical. World Almightly Authority, Prajapati God Brahma, who has revealed His identity as the well-known Lord Shree Krishna Himself in His next birth in childhood and Sree Narain after coronation) has re-incarnated in ordinary human form along with His 108 most beloved luckiest Divine Ones, male and females )whose rosary is worshipped by Bharatvasis) like Kalpa ago in Bharat on the banks of Sindhu Saraswati River in the year 1937 AD and has organised the most supreme Rajsuva Asvamedh Avinashi Gyan Yagya which lasts for 12 years though the Divine Power of "Supreme Aham Brahm Asmi" Faith.

Through the internal, imperishable, SILENCE-POWER of this Supreme Faith has emerged the one original supreme religion or dynasty of Deities. On the other hand, the present final International Atomic War, the invention of SCIENCE, as well as numerous Natural Calamities such as famines, fires, floods, earth-quakes, storms diseases, etc., shall, within a year or so, become the cause of merging innumerable Kali-Yugi eastern and western irreligions or dynasties into Infinite Divine Light like a Kalpa Ago.

It is most essential and interesting to understand and visualise through Divine Divine Insight this most wonder-ful, esoteric imperishable Play of World Creation revealed only by our Divine Father Prajapati God Brahma, the Supreme Guide of would-be Deities, the Master of Brahm, Brahmand & Brahmapuri. Any true seeker is at liberty to obtain this supreme knowledge in a week without the expense of a single penny so as to obtain the highest status in her of her own dynasty or religion through soul-purification. Taking this Divine Wisdom does not imply change of religion. In fact, every human being must retain one's own religion. After all, the bird of every religious tree returns again to the same tree. No doubt, there are some persons who change their religion for material gains, etc. but still, one has got to return to the same religion when one's part on the stage of this world comes to an end.

If, however. an actor, as one is, on the stage of this human world, fails to know and recognise one's own part, the parts of Creator, Director and the chief actors, as well as the duration, the law of repetition, etc. of the World Drama, should one not be called "Inhuman' or the very 'Devil'? Such devils have themselves become instrumental now at this time of the end of the Kalpa for their own annihilation (DASEHRA) through their own invented atomic weapons, preparing ground for the installation (DEVALI) of the Deity Rule, like Kalpa ago according to the preordained plan of World Drama.


Address:- Prajapati Brahma Kumaris 
Rajsuva Asvamedh Avinashi Gyan Yagya (OM MANDLI)
Bleakhouse Road, Civil Lines,
P.O. Box 381, KARACHI (PAK.)

Sind Observer Press, Karachi No. 2326-250 9-1949

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