Under the  heading 'SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT", official BKWSU site tells readers :

"In the original teachings of the Brahma Kumaris no fixed date for a destructive-transformative moment has ever been mentioned. At various times, some have speculated on specific dates. This is not part of the Brahma Kumaris’ fundamental teachings".

Though one can quibble about what 'original teachings ' means, certainly the dates of 1950 and 1976 were officially given in official G O D L Y teachings,according to BKWSU belief, as 'destructive-transformative moments', and are very much part of BKWSU 'fundamental teachings', as we illustrate, and as every BK past and present knows full well. This continued  apparent denial does not reflect well on the site moderator, or the leadership that supports the site.

We have written to BK leadership appealing for them to truly 'SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT" rather that to continue the cultural evasiveness that has become prevalent. We have offered to assist  www.aboutbrahmakumaris in helping the process move along, but have had no response. Below are some cross referenced murli quotes from G O D, pointing to Destruction in 1976. they BK leadership deny they exist.

Original recorded murlis spoken by Baba, original Hindi murlis and two translated references, fourteen  DESTRUCTION 1976 references in all are available for study at Go to RESOURCES and click on 'Murli Files' then 'Destruction Murlis'

25.07.1967 "In 10 years, we will establish deity sovereignty here. If we don't do that, you can take all these house etc. One should argue, is not it? Tell that no one else can say like this, that if in 10 years we don't do that task, the house is yours. Even though you give this in writing, they don't understand. No one can give in writing like this." 

18.09.1968 (in the beginning) "Confluence Age is very small. From 40 years 8 are left.“

09.07.1968 (second page) "Brahma's age is said to be 100 years. Father entered in 60 years. Remaining is 40, out of which how much time you have been doing purusharth? 42 years. Therefore 8 years are now remaining. Time is accurate, only 8 years are remaining." 

13.09.68 ratri class (at 3 min) “8 varsh koi badi baat thode hi hai. Sare duniya khatm ho jani hai.“
„8 years are hardly a big thing. The whole world is to be finished.“

24.11.67 (at 32 min.) “Ttum kehte ho 9 varsh baad vinash hoga”.
“You say destruction will be there after 9 years.“

And then further in 'Avyakt Murlis' we find:

21/10/69 'The final destruction of the whole world takes place within 6 years. Those who tell it to be 7 years have their position reduced'

05/11/70 'From this journey it it 5 years till destruction'.

04/02/71 'Within 5 years this old world will become swahaa (burnt) in this yagya.Now a small amount of fire will occur. It will then stop: there is a small delay. All will fight among themselves. No one will be there to stop the fight. After river of blood river of milk will flow. This is called as game of bloodshed. Children also will get visions as before. Then you will see through these eyes'.

09/09/72 'Even those who are rich, even they live hardly for 3-4 years more'.

04/02/74 'From 10 years only 2 years are left. Soon Kaliyug will come to an end. The Drama is certain'.

9/11/74 ' Rest, 2 years is left over. Don't think it will become 3 years. It may become one year but it can never become 3 years'.

So.We do hope that hearts will be softened and minds will be opened, and that Brahma Kumaris will, for the benefit of all of us, 'set the record straight'. Unless , of course, there has been a well coordinated conspiracy, going back some 40  years, to deliberately confuse and defame...if so we apologise in advance.See alsoBK ADMIN IN DENIAL..




Guruprasad Kulkarni 01.05.2020 16:24

Can we get audio versions of these murlis on youtube so that we can directly hear what bapdada said?

MABK INFO 30.10.2019 01:28

Well KK’har: Dadis simply went along with decision, as they bowed to advice of others:’God speaks’, why do impure humans censor God? Appalling ego!

The Void 28.10.2019 11:20

Omg...this is ridiculous...I hv read read all Avyakta Muralis but didn't find any destruction date as stated above...were those muralis edited and revised ??

MABK INFO 30.10.2019 01:18

Yes edited Void, ( censored some might say) to remove ‘difficult’ bits🙃

Karankaravanhar 29.10.2019 11:29

Revised with the full permission and knowledge of those loveable senior Dadis.

MABK INFO 27.07.2017 11:15

Hello Q: I have updated the Dropbox link to the 0rigin Sources on Dr Tamasin's site. But you would need to know Hindi to catch both the audio and written word.

MABK INFO 27.07.2017 00:23

Hi Q Let me check. Or go to should be some originals there. thanks for advising.

quetzalcoatl 25.07.2017 01:20

Links don't seem to work anymore. Any chance we can get the original docs? Thanks.

ruth hanna 07.11.2014 16:04

At least in memory of the saintly, great, loving Anthony Strano I request BK to finally omit the 1976 destruction forcast.Please do what you preach

Push_becomes_Shove 17.01.2015 20:22

Finally admit. Yes. 'Those who tell it to be 7 years have their position reduced.' On that basis, the senior sisters should turn to pillars of salt any day now.

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18.07 | 05:20

dadi prakashmani was a great leader and one of babas favourite students baba use to take her name in sakar murli as an example. Baba used to call her kumarika.

18.07 | 05:16

baba uses destruction word so that brahmins do teevra purusharth

18.07 | 05:11

in murli baba has said sangamyug is 100years baba talks about destructrion so that brahmins purusharth can take lift.babas words are kalyankari

14.06 | 22:39

Goodonya Robin.