Adi Dev by BK Jagdish Chander p154-155, has a great  B-Grade  ripper of a tale about 'an attack' on Dada Lekhraj, in 1938-39. Jagdish writes about anti party members going out to 'locate the most experienced and bloodthirsty assassin they could find', and then coming across a'legendary warrior' with a 'long gleaming sabre by his side'. Jagdish goes on: 'It was on that night when even the starlight was veiled by impenetrable clouds that the bandit chose to strike...sword at the ready he turned the knob and fiercely strode inside to slay the one he sought. Brahma Baba looked up from his papers. He smiled a Divine smile. But the bandit did not smile back. In fact he did not even see Brahma Baba sitting in front of him, though they were less than five feet apart...the bandit had been engulfed in a golden miasma. The dazed Sikh groped his way out of the room. At last, the sister returned with Baba's dinner, she sounded the alarm'.

A totally different description from that in the BKWSU foundation book 'Adi Dev' about an unverified attempt on the founders life in 1938-9

And then in another BK Jagdish Chander book, 'A Short Biography of Brahma Baba' he gives us a different  version: 

'A hired and instigated (sic) Sikh with a sabre came to Baba's place, saying that he wanted to have Baba's darshan and holy audience. He had thought that Baba was sleeping wrapped in his quilts, but actually Baba, acting on a premonition, had put his quilt in this form to give the intruder such an impression as he had. Baba's daughter in law came downstairs and talked to the man and he had a vision of his preceptor, the Saint Nanak, and then he confessed that he had come with the intention of ...'

And  thirdly  from the Brahma Kumaris illustrated 'comic book' magazine, yet another very different version where the Sikh, this time with a rifle, not a 'sabre', is described as suddenly having  visions of  myriad points of light on the top of the house before he  came inside, and then collapsing to his knees in shame.

There are no  references to an attack on Dada Lekhraj/Brahma in the newspapers of the day, or in any publications of the time by the BK's or others.😙

'The gunman' is the third published version of an imaginary attack on the life of Bhai Lekraj.

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Das | Reply 05.03.2019 04:26

There is a contemporary account of the visit and it mentions nothing about a death threat. The Sikhs were upset by Lekhraj's insulting of the Granth.

Das 05.03.2019 23:45

The short version, to match limited contributions here, he turned up in full ceremonial garb which, for Sikhs, involves a ceremonial bladed weapon. Usual hype.

das 05.03.2019 23:43

The BKs have given more than 3 version of Destruction, the Tree, the 8 Jewels, shape & nature of God/soul etc I'll try and dig out the more reliable account.

MABK INFO 05.03.2019 20:33

Hello Das: And moreover 3 different versions of 'assassins' appear in BK books! Though it was said in Sindh parliament that 'Lekraj should be given a bullet'.

Mona | Reply 26.02.2019 16:27

Tales and Myths of all kind seem to be bigger than Perception of Reality. Or may be more glamorous! But spiritually mature Beings prefer the wonder of reality.

MABK INFO 05.03.2019 20:34

Very true Mona...

Mary | Reply 09.06.2014 09:28

Thanks Robin, only good can come when history is looked at carefully and the real events are told.

MABK INFO 05.03.2019 20:35

I thinks so too Mary!

venkatesh | Reply 08.06.2014 15:16

Thanks for sharing truths.

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Nice to find this site, Robin. An oasis in the ocean of dross which is so often BKism.

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