The Queen of Hearts had some pithy observations to Alice, and you can see Alice with the Red Queen on the right, and also read an opinion from her below, in blue.


As we continue our chats about our BK exchanges, we see a growing resemblance to the curious world, of Alice in Wonderland


PART 1. Godly foot draggers? We did think that perhaps our Divine Brother Charlie  responded rather superficially to our concerns about this, writing that "Any person who wishes to discontinue the practices is free to do so at any time...according to their own consciences’’, which of course any person is free to do... however...

...I couldn't help feeling that Divine Brother Charlie’e  observation was a little dismissive, even naive. We know that a  BK stakeholder can easily be happy with their practice in the initial ‘honeymoon’ period. But later find that their life responsibilities have become compromised as they discover that BK is a ‘high demand religion’ with unbending regulations. The One True God of All Religions gives clear directions embracing lifestyle, behaviour and study, which must be adhered to by the true believer. ( BK fulfils the requirements of a religion under Australian law, and is defined as high demand ipso facto)

Some onetime BKs, a number  of whom will have run centres during their time in the BK world, feel they were spiritually, mentally or emotionally abused. Some may have overcommitted themselves in various ways, given  the incessant demands in the teachings  for ‘donations of Body, Mind and Wealth’. In my experience some suffer from a sense of guilt and failure at not being able to keep to the rigorous lifestyle demands. After all, the carrot of getting a good place in the soon to be established Heaven on Earth, by rigorously following the rules, is attractive: the stick of failure, according to The One True God of All Religions, is not, as His teachings indicate: Many will go to Heaven, but if you haven’t destroyed your sins through the total recognition of the Father, you will have to settle your karmic accounts through punishment’ (01/07/89) and not everyone can embrace the big picture of both Love and Law in God’s teachings. ‘The Father comes and teaches you. If you don’t maintain His honour, there has to be punishment’. (06/01/01) ’Don’t cause anyone sorrow, if you cause anyone sorrow your punishment increases one hundred fold’. (28/01/01) 

There can easily be feelings of deep shame and loss among impressionable students who are not able to live up to  the demands of ‘Easy Raja Yoga’, a questionable slogan promoted by BKA. 

The BKA director's  apparent lack of appreciation of people vulnerable to the demands of this high demand religion are unfortunate, and proper avenues for addressing vulnerable souls need to be put in place. It is, after all, difficult  for people to act ‘according to their own consciences’ as the director advises above, when BKs have threats of dire punishment from The One True God hanging over them, should  their donations of body, mind and wealth ever waver.

Some people find  that, in the BK world, as the Red Queen told Alice: “It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place”.

PART 2. Our Divine Brother Charlie also writes of the ‘selfless service’ done ‘throughout the world’ by BKs, and chides us in his letter for our ‘demeanor and attitude’: maybe he is right to do so🙂. BK service, however, is rarely ‘selfless,’ though often admirable. However, it must be said that the Godly service performed by BKs has more to do with BKs improving their status and gaining further credits toward a future reward of living in Golden Palaces staffed by numerous willing servants, as promised to BKs exclusively, by God, in the soon to be arriving Golden Age. That is to say BK’s Godly service provides the means for them  to Invest Now in their future Heavenly births. 

Ultimately we would say that genuine ‘selfless service’ is done by world citizens who perform good and generous works for the common good without expectation of future reward. It would appear to us that Mr Hogg’s opinion regarding BK ‘selfless service’ is ethically questionable and should be reconsidered.

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Pink Panther | Reply 14.05.2016 19:44

Charlie’s response is based on his ”god’s” teachings i.e. surrender or you fail every kalpa. The many flaws in ”god’s" teachings requires redefining ”God”.

DEES | Reply 13.05.2016 03:55

U are brave 2 express honest & genuine opinions about BK. Some of us despite embracing BK life has become somehow disillusioned @ the lack of transparency.

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Goodonya Robin.

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Hi Moninder: you no doubt read site ref DADI JANKI CLARITY ref DJ EEG. No ‘scientific report’ was provided to support the claim, so actuality unclear.

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Can anyone provide me scientific references or reports about Dadi Janki ji's EEG tests!?

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Nice to find this site, Robin. An oasis in the ocean of dross which is so often BKism.

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