The late Dr Wendy Sargent, a distinguished academic,who's recommendations in her 2010 report to BKWSU management are still ignored.

             Below are reproduced the results of scholastic research by the late Australian sociologist Dr Wendy Sargent, drawn  from her unreleased  2010 Report to BKWSU Management: Dr Wendy's significant, and final, service project for BKWSU. Her dedicated work is alas not appreciated by BK management, and the ongoing denial of significant historical errors discovered by Dr Wendy and other independent researchers, continues. This apparent lack of will to engage with historical anomalies identified by Wendy is of particular significance in Australia, where she was much loved. Although there has been praise for the work of 'our beloved Wendy' by BKA leadership, no action has been taken to move along the pathway she laid down for bringing the actual story to life for BK stakeholders, who, after all, are encouraged to give 'body, mind and wealth' to the religion on the basis of a rather contrived backstory. Dr Wendy observes: 

1.”In India, I was told, especially when talking about a religious or saintly topic it is inappropriate to talk of bad or negative events. The academic mindset is that it is necessary to mention both the good and the bad, in order to get a balanced view of what was taking place. Thus a number of the interviews done were internally censored by interviewees according to these different standards.”  

2.”There is a need for greater respect for verifiable facts and details, and the sources from which those facts were extracted. The danger of doing interviews, especially of those who are emotionally and personally close to the subject, is that the viewpoint given may exaggerate the success, goodness, integrity of people and situations, and speak less about or ignore the negative aspects.”  

 3.”Sensitivity to criticism of the yagya (BKWSU) need not cause us to water down the story and make it seem much less than it is. India, as Baba says becomes the home of the Golden Age. India is great and so the story that brings about the advent of Golden Age is also great and should not be hidden from the world.Sensitivity to criticism is not worthy of the topic to which the yagya (BKWSU) holds the key. 

 4.”Looking at the thoroughness of his ( Bro Jagdish’s) work it is fairly clear that one of the sources ( Dadi Brijendra) he used to write the yagya history (Adi Dev) must have told him the early revelation incorrectly, and he assumed it to be true. However, as a result, this has affected the manner in which story of the whole early yagya was told in Adi Dev up to about page one hundred”

5.”Creating an unbroken and rational timeline to the history, by documenting and dating previously unmentioned facts about the history, situations and people is important”

 6."However the actual story is quite different... He (Lekhraj/Brahma) never did say, in the first 12 or so years, ‘I am Shiva’... he was for them the incarnated form of God Vishnu and God Krishna” (Om Radhe 1943). 

7.”Early, pre-1969 publications were destroyed or made unavailable to members of the Brahma Kumaris, in part because the revelations being reported were not accurate according to later knowledge given by Shiv Baba. Secondly, the murlis spoke of other religions and ideologies in a critical style, which is no longer perceived by the BK seniors as serviceable”. (God being politically and socially incorrect at times is therefore required to be heavily censored).   

8.”The early yagya posters reveal a mix of Hindu (beliefs) and what are now Baba’s (The One True God of All Religion's) teachings”. 

 9.”They (Om Mandli) started in the 1930s with the belief in the incarnation of Krishna and Vishnu in Dada Lekhraj, then an understanding of the coming Golden Age, then knowledge of the coming destruction…”

11.Adding to this confusion, some seniors relied on the Adi Dev version to know the early history. Even in the interviews held in India, quite a large number of the BK seniors told me that Shiv Baba was understood to be God in the time of Om Mandli in Hyderabad. This probably indicates that they also have not seen the early posters of the yagya”. 

 12.”But from a factual perspective it took 37 years (1932 – 1969) for the main knowledge to be clearly revealed, and in the time line of the organisation, which is only 74 years old that is just less than half of our history.”

 10. “No mention was made in early yagya books and posters of God Shiva’s role... At present the earliest printed book from the late 50s is the Real Gita edited by Jagdish bhai, at that time referred to as Jagdish Sanjoy”.

13.”Since Dada Lekhraj attained his stage of perfection in 1969 He became a perfect medium for the murli. The murli since that time should not contain errors, unless they have been mistranslated or mis-transcribed”. (Moderator's Note :one 'error' contained in the teachings since 1969, was the ongoing prediction of  a 1976 destruction: now deleted from the teachings of God)🙂


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Brian | Reply 27.12.2015 15:03

Hi Cher, thanks for your reply. That's a bit like trying to break into the Pentagon! I am still working on solving the encryption code to my subconscious.

MABK INFO | Reply 27.12.2015 14:46

Cher this is a site for people who think for themselves: please think deeper before posting and then post appropriately. Tx

Cher 27.12.2015 18:23

As the Grand Dame of the BKs whilst being well and truly channeled From God would say: Sweet Child MABK
I hear you and will heed your Godly advice.Thank you

MABK INFO | Reply 27.12.2015 12:40

Hi Brian Wendys report to the RCs is an uncompleted draft. You could ask one of them: but all discovered data is on as you know.

Brian Lum | Reply 29.11.2015 19:58

Is there any way to obtain the full report of Wendy. I had always wondered why I never heard anything about it. I met her in Mumbai when she was interviewing.

Cher 27.12.2015 09:43

Divine Bro Brian,

This is the BKs you talking
Its "secretive" and you need to dig deep to get the info,that you seek,its there

Om Shanti

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