The full Brahma Kumari leadership have embraced the election of Narendra Modi as being 'clear evidence of your faith in the Supreme'. (Most of us thought he had just run a classy campaign : Indian voters were surely unaware that Modi and the BJP had God on their side)

It is the first time that Brahma Kumaris have endorsed  a political leader: spiritual groups rarely if ever do so.  We note that the BK leaders message is sent from BKs in Bharat/India as well as 'all parts of the world' :  a surprise  to the few thousand non-Indian BKs around the globe.

Congratulatory message for Shri Narendra Modi


To the Supreme Being, God Shiva's, chosen responsible instrument,

 Our dear beloved Spiritual Brother Shri Narendra Modiji,

 Om Shanti - Greetings of peace!

Multimillion-fold Congratulations on the accomplishment of winning the 2014 General Elections with a landslide victory! This is clear evidence of your deep faith in the Supreme and His work of transforming Bharat into Real Ram Rajya based on Values, complete Peace and 100% Prosperity.

As the new Prime Minister of Bharat, you are the Hope for Tomorrow's Golden Aged Bharat. May the Supreme Father, God Shiva, bestow all His choicest blessings on your good Self to ensure 100% success in your gigantic mission!!!

With spiritual love & best wishes of the entire Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Family in Bharat in particular, and all parts of the world,

 In Godly Service,

 B.K. Dadi Janki, B.K. Dadi Hridayamohini,

B.K. Dadi Ratan Mohini, B.K. Sarladidi

Brothers: B.K. Ramesh Shah, B.K. Nirwair, B.K.Brijmohan

 Brahma Kumaris Headquarters

Mount Abu (RAJ)

 Previous pronouncements of a Destruction/Golden Age date by BK leadership have been notably off target : the most recent being 2012TV PRIMETIME! Will the 'Real Ram Rajya' be introduced during Modi's tenure? Certainly Modi's current environmental policies reflect Kaliyug hell rather than Satyug heaven : and in 2010, after 9 years of Chief Minister Modi  running Gujarat, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) declared Gujarat to be the most polluted state in the country....but as we say : THIS IS INDIA!


In its first 100 days, the Modi administration has reportedly:

  1. Exempted coal mine expansion projects from public hearings. 
  2. Done away with the need for consent from village councils for prospecting in forests. 
  3. Ministry officials no longer inspect mining projects on less than 100 hectares of land. 
  4. Mid-sized polluting industries can now operate within 5 km of national parks and sanctuaries - as opposed to the 10 km limit imposed by the Supreme Court…
  5. Some industries - like coal tar processing units, etc - [are now allowed] to get clearances from generally lax state governments… 
  6. Modi reconstituted the National Board of Wildlife's standing committee so that it no longer has any independent wildlife or ecology experts. And, about a month ago, it changed norms used for defining forests as violate or inviolate - diluting them so as to allow mining over a greater chunk of the country's forests.

OK so cheer yourself up  by visiting for an excellent update on the Brahma Kumari Solar Thermal Power Project!

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hardeep singh | Reply 31.03.2015 16:21

they always looks for personalities in power, when the person is retired they delete him from their list,

Shiv_of_Shakti | Reply 18.01.2015 06:09

Hahah, BK admin and seniors getting a bit carried away then.

per marshall | Reply 15.01.2015 13:25

ah, so Modi is an honorary BK , could be something special about this soul

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Goodonya Robin.

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Hi Moninder: you no doubt read site ref DADI JANKI CLARITY ref DJ EEG. No ‘scientific report’ was provided to support the claim, so actuality unclear.

26.01 | 12:09

Can anyone provide me scientific references or reports about Dadi Janki ji's EEG tests!?

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Nice to find this site, Robin. An oasis in the ocean of dross which is so often BKism.

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