Anthony Strano: Australian Brahma Kumaris teacher who died on July 26 in Brazil. He ran centres in Greece and Hungary, loved nature and the arts.


Anthony Strano passed on, on the morning of July 26, while he was  on a speaking tour in Brazil. He suffered a heart attack at breakfast. Anthony had been suffering from a heart condition for some time.

 Anthony brought a freshness and a deep spiritual rigour to his life, his talks and classes. His quiet, steadfast. inclusive nature endeared him to many BKs outside of India, and to a wider public. His funeral was held in Sydney last Friday August 8, which Anthony’s family attended. He made many CDs and wrote a number of books, and had a great interest the arts and nature.He had a regular column in The Huffington Post.

 The depth of understanding he shared in his talks was unique in the BK world. He was an independent thinker within the BKWSU, who kept himself apart from the organisation’s ‘political wing’, and pursued his own quiet path (though his spiritual authority was taken advantage of by leadership on occasion, see link www.aboutbk + GOD )

 A friend, no longer a BK adherent writes:

‘I knew Anthony Strano well in the early days of his BK time. In the balance of virtue , intellectual rigour, philosophical integrity and moral insight, he brought much more to the BKs and Gyan than they ever brought to him.

Anthony Strano was born in Australia to Sicilian immigrant parents and raised in the Roman Catholic tradition by his devout parents who worked a market garden (small farm) on the outskirts of Sydney.

 He studied religion and philosophy at University of Sydney and was a Sunday school teacher for a number of years. He was primarily influenced by Platonic and Neo-platonist philosophy, St Augustine and St Francis of Assisi, and had considered entering the priesthood. 

 He came across the BKs in London in 1977 while Dadi Kumarka was on tour. Finding a community that followed monastic-like religious disciplines impressed him, as did the idea of a meditation practice that spoke in terms of a direct, personal connection to ”God the Father” rather than through an intermediary like Christ, the saints or the Madonna and which was confirmed, in his mind, by his meditation experience. 

 From his background and education, he brought to his talks and his writing a deeper, more universal philosophical base to BK thinking which has gradually seeped into the mainstream of BK beliefs and language, at least outside India.

 As the buddhists say, there are countless meditations and countless fruits of countless meditations. Anthony Strano took BK Gyan and fused it with his own character to create a post-christian, neo-platonist BK ideal which he lived out romantically, and shared with others. 

My sympathies go out to  his family and close friends’ (edited)

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Nestor | Reply 21.07.2017 22:27

In memory of Anthony Strano we share with you this memorial video by A.Nestor a personal friend of his. Om Shanti.

True Seeker | Reply 14.03.2016 23:02

Bro Per has a point in the sense- don't we all know whatever is happening is necessary When there is giving without expectation of receiving its magic

True Seeker | Reply 13.03.2016 01:38

There is a sense of intolerance being discussed in India as a country- why do i see a sense of intolerance in the BK world- which I still respect

June di schino | Reply 08.11.2015 23:43

I found Anthony Strano's profound sense of humanity an the quality of his ethical inetellect and communication to be most engaging and of great inspiration

Cher 09.11.2015 13:02

Om shanti June

Of course you would feel this way about Divine Brother Anthony

We BK are spesh

We are seekers of the light

BK is the only way/truth

Much luv

Nestor | Reply 27.02.2015 18:03

A small tribute from his spiritual lessons.
It takes only a minute:

MABK INFO 27.02.2015 18:24

Thankyou Nestor...

Jillian | Reply 15.01.2015 17:45

This site seems to be run by a truth seeker with a sense of humour : I don't see any bitterness Per.

MABK INFO 27.02.2015 18:23

Thank you Jillian : just so,,,

per marshall | Reply 15.01.2015 13:40

quite a few bitter feelings get vented at this site...maybe its a high path but ya'll don't haft to be discouraging or discouraged

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