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BK Ramesh Shah : 'many new things will happen this season', prophesies Divine Brother Ramesh

 Brother Ramesh Shah, one of the most senior brothers in the BKWSU, gave a stirring 90 minute call to the faithful on October 13.

Ramesh, an accountant with his own Mumbai practice, holds the purse strings of the entire BKWSU. He also  personally oversaw  every detail of the BK state of the art film studios 'GODLYWOOD!'  in Mt Abu.*GODLYWOOD! LIVELY!

Ramesh was unequivical about the unexpected occurence of the night before,referenced here +REVELATION ? All was the same. BaapDada came' insisted Ramesh, 'Just came differently'.This last is certainly true. Since the passing of the founder Brahma Baba in 1969, 'BaapDada' has always spoken in a whisper, delivering thousands of murlis.(An unexpected and whispering voice known as Piyu spoke through a trance messenger in the 1940's, and later through others in the Golden Circle. After some years it was understood by Brahma Kumaris to be the voice of the one true God. For more on the Piyu tale visit... http://www.brahmakumarisresearch.org/history-1/

That the curious October 12 murli, with its repeated affirmations called by Ramesh 'hammerings : do not say repetitions', should be spoken  so differently naturally brought forth some queries. But 'Do not go into speculation,' advised Ramesh, 'It's not that He comes or doesn't come. He will get His work done. Many new things will happen this season. He will do more service at a great speed with different ideas and methods'.

Essentially, Ramesh was saying it is a matter of Faith and the  BKWSU faithful must accept that 'God works in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform', as the hymn says and no one knows the how and what of that, or understands that. 

Given the strangeness of the Brahma Kumaris story that is understandable.


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Sowing & Reaping | Reply 26.10.2015 03:41

" more service at a great speed with different ideas and methods".Yep, 30 years ago that was the same propaganda from the Seniors - it's them that can't change.

karunakara shetty | Reply 17.10.2014 15:16

thanks to ramesh bhai

MABK info | Reply 17.10.2014 14:37

Trust has rather suffered with the leaders compromises on how the understanding came to pass : but yes a fine lot of souls Juliet!

Juliet Shields | Reply 15.10.2014 05:59

I felt very different , think London might have a point , but Faith , Acceptance and Trust is in my Heart always with this amazing fantastic b k family

Tony McCann . | Reply 15.10.2014 01:44

There has been speculation here in London that Bapdada never came through
On the 12 th so it could have been Gulzars higher self that came through.

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19.09 | 16:49

Nice to find this site, Robin. An oasis in the ocean of dross which is so often BKism.

19.09 | 16:46

When you have to nudge the incumbent seniors to see progress, it's time to archive them and their good intentions.

19.09 | 16:40

I remember Denise. Senior sister imitator. Protector of the hierarchy of BK control methods. Easily challenged by non conformity. Her manmat doesn't surprise me

01.09 | 02:18

Robert, Baba told you only Brahma Baba remains in the subtle realm until the end. Janki will take another birth. This is her karma.

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