Sister Denise was the first western Sister on the BK scene : famously arriving at BK London in leathers on a Harley and being denied admittance! She went on to manage centres in Europe and the USA. Denise is currently a Minister without Portfolio' in the BK world, and tours here and there bringing new insights and fresh thinking with her.And Denise presents an online series on the 'Bhagavad Gita 'and its contemporary relevance. The German Brother Stephan Surya was the first Western BK brother, and has written an illuminating book on his exoeriences.


And for everyone who has asked 'Is there a Vegan 'Golden Gaytime' here it is: VGG Cheesecake..we'll post the recipe soon!

             In her 'Seeing into Being'  opening remarks, Denise encouraged us to draw on the mythic and poetic within us, in bringing our own experience of Golden Age to life. It's entirely personal, she said, as well as culturally specific: as in you may be entirely affected by Botticelli's 'Primavera', or it may mean nothing to you.

Then with the directness, lucidity and thoughtfulness for which she is listened to and admired, Denise continued:

             " I think we are on the brink of massive collapse and reforming of the yagya (bkwsu/bkwso). I see it as a phoenix, you know, who dies by fire and then takes rebirth by fire.

               I don’t think the process of going from the Iron Age to the Golden Age is a smooth process by any means, and every so often there has to be cataclysmic change. I think in the yagya(bkwsu/bkwso) from time to time there have been these cataclysmic moments where things shifted from one condition to another condition and I do feel we are on the brink of one of those.So it's about whether you can surf it, whether you have your seat belt on.If you can make yourself ready for it that’s good, but if you’re expecting everything just to carry on the way it is, then when it doesn’t, you’ll get confused. But I think once people (bks) are aware that something is happening, to survive you will have to be very grounded, very 'in your spirituality'. because when something like this happens if you are clean you can get through.If not maybe you can’t".

ERIC: "Err…right. Just before we go can we have a last comment, an idea about how we should be reflecting on the Golden Age…preparing ourelves?"

           "Well, I like the idea of 'transmutation' because that’s huge change: I like cataclysmic change, Where you all of a sudden see clearly and you don't look back. But we're all different..some move by jumps some move slowly, slowly.

              But I also think the way the BK world is setup is itself disappearing into being out of date, you know and I really do think it will reformulate itself.

          I mean people are not really aware, because western people weren't around, that when Dadi Prakashmani took over from Brahma Baba she transformed the yagya totally and completely. And when we came in we saw what she had done and nobody mentioned much about how she had changed it but she had.Her whole generation is now disappearing..and what is next is not clear - nobody can see clearly- it may not be a smooth transition, but what ever it is will be brilliant and marvellous and innovative, and if we are up for it we can just jump into  the new way. Of course, some people may find it unusual or strange, but we need to think about how to make ourselves comfortable with 'deconstruction' of many things, and then there will be a whole new 'construction', and really looking at the essentials of gyan…"

"..Easy rajyoga is not all that easy you know..". 

ERIC: "Well its certainly fascinating ,and you always have the art of being a little bit dramatic".

Denise concluded the interview with a deeply felt meditation commentary : transmutational..🙂

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Draupadi | Reply 19.09.2021 16:40

I remember Denise. Senior sister imitator. Protector of the hierarchy of BK control methods. Easily challenged by non conformity. Her manmat doesn't surprise me

viggo simonsen | Reply 05.07.2021 21:12

Not sure if this applies so much to BK in India.
But in Europe, the BK community certainly looks like a species slowly heading for extinction.

Mona | Reply 26.02.2019 16:30

Thank you Robin for publishing the Good New, many of my French Bks friends asked me to translate it. I did.

Suman | Reply 13.12.2016 10:45

Denise is not the first western BK. Brother Stephan Surya of Germany is the very first western B.K, that is from year 1970. 5 years he was the only one in West

MABK INFO 14.12.2016 21:41

Quite right Suman, Denise was the first western SISTER to become a BK. Apologies to Stephen Surya...and I have corrected on the page.

BK Detachedretina | Reply 19.09.2016 09:22

But, the Yagya can only reform if it has a spine, the very thing it seemed to lack in facing the truth about itself for the past forty odd years.

Mona 26.02.2019 16:36

It has a spine: all the ones who practice true spirituality and brotherhood vision without division, or position, but instead affirming an eternal truth.

BK Jan (from Baxter) | Reply 18.09.2016 12:13

Denise did not saywhat she thinks will change, what do others think? Any input as to what they would like to see change. Om Shanti Jan

Sarah N 21.12.2016 09:29

Hi Jan. There is something here about it called "The Shift"... http://brahmakumarisresearch.org/the-shift/ and http://brahmakumarisresearch.org/blog/

BK Heather | Reply 17.09.2016 14:13

Chaos theory in practice....when truth built on half truth starts to shake it will collapse and the new reality will emerge with a stronger foundation...Truth!

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19.09 | 16:49

Nice to find this site, Robin. An oasis in the ocean of dross which is so often BKism.

19.09 | 16:46

When you have to nudge the incumbent seniors to see progress, it's time to archive them and their good intentions.

19.09 | 16:40

I remember Denise. Senior sister imitator. Protector of the hierarchy of BK control methods. Easily challenged by non conformity. Her manmat doesn't surprise me

01.09 | 02:18

Robert, Baba told you only Brahma Baba remains in the subtle realm until the end. Janki will take another birth. This is her karma.

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