Kim Wainer is the new youthful face of BKA, see her on the BKA website screen shot below. An accomplished dancer and acrobat of note, she is a seminal part of 'The Movement Collective'.
Kim has been with the BKs for many years. Intelligent and talented, she has developed a fine career.


Brahma Kumaris Australia, has a new website at www.brahmakumaris.org.au. Colourful and skilfully presented, with a poetic short video, the site presents a  new age makeover for the high demand religion of Brahma Kumaris : a look best described as BK LITE:  LITE on the controversial philosophy, LITE on the true backstory....and no mention  that BKA is big business, Australian Public Company ACN 132 195 883, with a $1,000,000 plus annual income (ref ASIC), and generous tax concessions for the company schools, and a property portfolio in excess of $28,000,000.++BKA FINANCIAL 2016 and BKA still cannot resist having a page appealing for even more of their followers, and the public's, money. No other BK website in the world exhibits such crassness.The new BKA website makes a particular visual appeal to young people, and why not. Nowadays, committed BKA western stakeholders are rapidly aging, and the 3 BKA retreat centres provide well appointed retirement homes for some of the more elderly BK followers: most residents are over 60, some in their 80's. The centres are pleasant places to enjoy a companionable semi retirement, and the public are warmly welcomed to the frequent BK service programs.

Crucially, the website does not mention the BK core message to humanity, that God has arrived and is even now speaking directly to the world from the BKWSU ashram in India!Crying 

There is also nothing about the iconoclastic 30 year development of the philosophy to be read on the BKA website, it is glossed over and censored, as it is on all BK official websites.

Some western BKs in Australia who set aside careers and mortgages to devote themselves voluntarily to the group, when they joined in the 1980s, and were promised an imminent 'destruction', heeded the calls (demands?)in the teachings to donate 'body, mind and wealth' and 'time, money and energy' immediately, on the promise of multifold reward in the imminently arriving Golden Age. But, unknown to them, this Golden Age was first predicted by the founder to occur in 1950, and then in 1976. Charlie Hogg, director of BKA, writes that these failed untrue 'destruction' dates were the 'teaching methods' of The One True God.    Hmmmm... so, why all the denial by management?

It can be argued that by continuing to deny crucial foundational aspects of their history, as well as censoring aspects of the teachings, Brahma Kumaris is continuing, as the new website makes apparent, to attract followers by stealth.Confused

 Though we note that BK Indians resident in Australia, now some two thirds of the active membership, sensibly are mostly married..with good jobs...and mortgages! Love 


www.brahmakumarisresearch.org: the informative academic site.

The founder with original BKs in Sindh.The true story of how the BK 'knowledge' developed is kept strictly under wraps by the group.



The genuine BK story continues to be hidden and denied by BK leadership. Below is an online post referencing this from the moderator of the website www.brahmakumarisresearch.org


History and Research


Since original documents were found in the British Library in 2007 there has been an honest endeavour by scholars and historians to discover, authenticate and celebrate the earliest days of the Brahma Kumaris, ‘Om Mandli' through a systematic and thorough review of its history.
Om Mandli was a revolution in the North West Frontier of the 1930s, particularly with regard to its role in the liberation of women and recognising their capacities as true spiritual leaders. The founder was a social rebel, a hero to many, and the spiritual teachings of that time are profound. 
In 2012, senior managers within the Brahma Kumaris requested a "book-length" treatment of the history. This website was started as an initial attempt to organise and make sense of the history in preparation for writing the manuscript. The aim was to have a living and dynamic webpage that would allow for updates, edits and changes. It would also allow the history to be available to critique, comments and open review from scholars, students within the movement, and members of the public. The vision was for the site to be an authenticated celebration of the Brahma Kumaris' history, and as such would be supported by the organisation. This was the assurance.
However, this has not been the case.
Due to ongoing disagreement between scholars and researchers, and senior BK administrators, regarding documented events and philosophical developments within the Brahma Kumaris' history, this site remains unacknowledged by the organisation. Therefore, Brahma Kumaris Research will continue but as a wholly independent site without any alliance with the organisation. 
Our hope is that - sometime in the  future - the history of this remarkable community will be given the open anthropological deliberation it deserves, and will be embraced by senior administrators within the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. 
All primary source materials used in this website are still available here.   
Om Shanti







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HELENTODAY | Reply 07.08.2015 00.33

cont'd ...Time is ripe for wider still personal reading to understand the yagya's position esp. within India's political revolution underway in 18/19 centuries

HelenToday | Reply 07.08.2015 00.28

The website www.brahmakumarisresearch.org was an historical treasure trove for me and I loved to read each new posting. Now is time for more... cont'd

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Sounds like Charlie had the attachment of aggrandisment.

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History of om radhe

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Never ”God” is whatever you believe God to be ", for sure.

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Dear HumSo, You've never changed your view of ”God” since you first became a BK? No new insights?” Same old stasis? All BKs believe alike?

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