Baby male calves are taken from their mothers soon after birth. They are slaughtered or, in Europe,cruelly confined in 'veal crates' for white veal. Australian veal is red veal from somewhat older calves.

  Shrimati Manika Gandhi, the daughter-in-law of the late Indira Gandhi, has spoken out strongly against the Indian milk industry for its appalling cruelty, its trashing of the environmenT, and the well documented effect of dairy, and commonly adulterated dairy, on human health. She has dispelled many of the myths about milk in Indian culture. BKWSU's 4000 centres in India daily offer polluted dairy to God, but scrupulously avoid touching the humble Onion.🤔

We wrote to BK Management in Australia, drawing the board's attention to the situation regarding the serving of dairy in Australian BK centres, and suggesting it was time for a change. Below is our personal email, sent on 30 March 2016. We have had no reply from Australian leadership, though the international core group apparently are staying with current dietary practise. However, Brahma Kumaris Australia is an Australian  company, and the board is free to make its own decisions. We rather hoped that the board would respond positively, in support of a new awareness about dairy in BK centres. But not to date...   

Dear Charlie

Good morning.You may recall that when we were in Madhuban I mentioned that I would write you my thoughts about adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle within our Brahma Kumaris Australia. I am writing as a member of the Australian BK Environment Wing.

  Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative website tells us that :

"Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative is about awakening greater environmental awareness within our own organisation, as well as collaborating and learning from others through dialogue, partnerships, UN conferences and local initiatives.”

I draw your attention the the bold sentence.

As is well known, cows are now part of an integrated dairy/meat industry. Consuming dairy results in the systematic killing of 1-5 day old calves, so we can enjoy the mother's milk, butter, cheese and yoghurt. There is great suffering for mother cows over some five years of enforced pregnancy before they can no longer have children and are killed. In good conscience I believe we should no longer eat such foods, let alone offer them to God.

On another level, we BKs embrace environmental awareness through our UN presence and in many BK centres. We hold numerous programs on the topic. However, none have yet addressed the question of BK centres awakening to a compassionate vegan diet, nor the catastrophic results of industrial scale dairy/meat production on the environment. (UNEP Report May 2015).

I would encourage members of the Australian BK Environment Wing to become active in promoting a truly compassionate diet within our Godly organisation, and so bring to our spiritual lives, a benevolent change in attitude and practise: this would surely be an initiative admired around the world. We hope the seniors would support such a benevolent move, and I believe that Brahma Kumaris Australia could play an exemplary role: such an awakening in our organisation is surely now the Call of the Time.

You can find good information about the matter on the official BK Environment Initiative Facebook page ‘Green Group ( BK Environment Initiative)’, as well as on ‘BK World Vegan’ and ‘Brahma Kumaris Go Vegan’. There are many links on the web to tasty and creative vegan recipes too! From my experience here at the BK sanctuary, changes to a compassionate vegan  diet require only modest changes in the kitchen, which I believe our talented cooks would creatively embrace.

 You might also like to visit and click on 'The Dairy Cow: A Life of Quiet Suffering'. Voiceless is an Australian animal support group: a patron is Sir Michael Kirby, who you will remember visited Madhuban.

I do hope you will consider how we can bring about such a loveful revolution in Brahma Kumaris Australia. I will cc: this letter to members of the BK greens.


 Note: Some members of the Australian BK Environment Wing have written Charlie in support of this letter.❤

Also see link: OZ WILL DO WONDERS? and do please visit our Facebook page MORE ABOUT BRAHMA KUMARIS and read the post 'COWS MILK: A CRUEL AND UNHEALTHY PRODUCT' from Peta.



It is posted on the Facebook page BK World Vegan that the following BK CenEres have chosen to be Vegan: Brighton U.K., Brussels Belgium, Casa Sangam (Gubbio) Italy, Colchester U.K., Glasgow Scotland, Helsinki Finland, Isle of Man U.K., Itteville France, Leeds U.K., Jersey U.K., Lisbon Portugal, Mullheim Germany, Port Elizabeth South Africa, Rome Italy, Worthing U.K....and 'the sanctuary australia'. Congratuliions to all for this compassionate initiative🙂.



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DONE Sending...

MABK INFO | Reply 14.08.2016 22:53 lovely to hear from you ...and with such good news.

Kathryn | Reply 12.08.2016 02:42

Also add to the list of centres, Antwerp Belgium, Aberdeen Scotland - thanks for the great work in keeping us moving forward

MABK INFO | Reply 10.08.2016 10:21

Well PP if one accepts 'God's teachings as per BK philopsophy' in the matter its just the naturala outcome of human behaviour/karma, sowing and reaping big time

Pink Panther 11.08.2016 02:28

You say slaughter of 6.9billion people karma/natural outcome but not so for cattle? Yr argument: no humane way to farm dairy, no avoiding vinash. Dogma.No basis

Pink Panther 11.08.2016 02:25

On a bovine theme:
How do you tell cowsh*t from bullsh*t?
Throw both in the air. The cowsh*t falls to earth.

Pink Panther 11.08.2016 02:17

Point was phil. inconsistency. Same ‘god’ source of what's acceptable food/karma/ direction for efforts. Never said avoid dairy. An ethically compromised ‘god'?

MABK INFO | Reply 05.08.2016 16:51

We are talking core BK Inc. which invariably chooses the cheaper crueller option. Amul Dairy, Indias largest, runs Indias largest slaughterhouse. Amen.

Pink Panther 10.08.2016 00:51

Rejecting BK acceptance of calf slaughter is one thing. What about teachings of a God to passively accept slaughter of the whole world for one’s own divination?

MABK INFO | Reply 05.08.2016 16:22

Yep dairy farmers are exploited: cows are treated dreadfully: dairy/meat is integrated into industrial scale horror: bks should walk the talk and give up dairy

Pink Panther | Reply 05.08.2016 16:06

Sustainability is surely a valid criterion. See

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Nice to find this site, Robin. An oasis in the ocean of dross which is so often BKism.

19.09 | 16:46

When you have to nudge the incumbent seniors to see progress, it's time to archive them and their good intentions.

19.09 | 16:40

I remember Denise. Senior sister imitator. Protector of the hierarchy of BK control methods. Easily challenged by non conformity. Her manmat doesn't surprise me

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Robert, Baba told you only Brahma Baba remains in the subtle realm until the end. Janki will take another birth. This is her karma.

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