In India, like at Dadi's 1ooh year parties, devotees still promote the popular BK fiction that Dadi was credibly declared to be 'the most stable mind in the world'. Indian speakers too, perpetuate the myth.
Dadi Janki, administrative head of BKWSU, underwent brain activity tests at various institutes in 1978-80. There was some controversy about the results, which we talk about on this page and in the link.

  Hello again dear friends,

          We have written elsewhere on the apparent controversy surrounding brain tests made on Dadi Janki at  advanced centres of learning in 1978-1980.+DADI JANKI:CLARITY+

            Recently we heard  directly from Brahma Kumaris leadership about this matter. It has taken some thirty-five years for BK to officially mention the circumstances of the tests, and how sensible it is for BK leadership to now do so: we were sent the details in a letter from BK lawyer Zali Burrows++FLAMBOYANT ZALI! 

We wrote her appreciating the apparent truth of Dr Naifeh's report, which we present in part below: and we mentioned to Zali that we would be pleased to post the reference on this website. Although the BK information provides little we do not already know, it is of interest to have what is, apparently, more of the real event.

            Zali's letter states as below:

        "Tests on Dadi Janki’s  brain wave activity were conducted at the University of Texas, the Langley Porter Scientific Institute and the University of Melbourne between 1978 and 1980. It was reported that the neuro feedback tests indicated that Dadi Janki’s brain produced mostly Delta waves during meditation and also in an active waking state.

           Dr. Karen Naifeh of the Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute of the University of San Francisco describes the results of the EEG tests, among other tests, in her report titled Psychophysiologic Measures on Dadi Janki. The following is an excerpt from Dr.Naifeh's report:

       Results of the EEG showed the presence of delta waves (1-3 hz.) in all channels under all conditions i.e. whether she was talking, doing mental arithmetic, or alphabetical tasks, being 'angry', or meditating, the delta waves were present. This alone is quite an unusual finding in that normally delta waves are not seen did not exhibit evidence of ). Normally a person exhibits alpha waves when resting, awake, with the eyes closed. Alpha is reduced or disappears when there is mental effort. In Dadi's case alpha waves occurred as single bursts occasional, but did not seem to be correlated with any particular mental activity. 

            It is unclear whether the title given to Dadi Janki of 'most stable mind in the world' came from the institutes’ that conducted the tests or from media reports on the resultof the tests. The report from Dr. Karen Naifeh does not state this, however there may have been other scientific reports on the EEG tests which the BKWSU does not currently have access to. After a notice dated 9 June 2007 was issued by BK London to all international BK centers titled, Updating our information for publicity purposes, requesting that references to the title 'most stable mind in the world' be removed from any publicity material concerning Dadi Janki in relation to these EEG tests conducted in 1978-1980."


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True Seeker | Reply 14.06.2016 00:09

Does this really matter now- Being the most stable mind and not clarify so many things is no indication of a stable mind

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Goodonya Robin.

27.01 | 12:00

Hi Moninder: you no doubt read site ref DADI JANKI CLARITY ref DJ EEG. No ‘scientific report’ was provided to support the claim, so actuality unclear.

26.01 | 12:09

Can anyone provide me scientific references or reports about Dadi Janki ji's EEG tests!?

19.09 | 16:49

Nice to find this site, Robin. An oasis in the ocean of dross which is so often BKism.

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