Dadi Janki offers The One True God of All Religions, sitting in the medium of Dadi Gulzar, a tasty morsel on a little golden fork.


      The One True God of All Religions, as per Brahma Kumaris rationale, began the Godly 2015-2016 Season on the night of October 15.  But, as was the case earlier this year, questions of accuracy again arose among the faithful, because the content,technicalities and style of God's mode of communication are now so changed. Research by BK academics has indicated that the 'whispering voice' first heard through an entity identified as piyu (father in sindhi) in the 1940's, became accepted later as indicating the presence of The One True God of All Religions. However, the signature whispering voice is now not so much there, rather the Dadi Gulzar voice is.

Opinions on the matter have been expressed by Senior Brahma Kumaris members: Sister Jayanti believes it is simply  a matter of Dadi Gulzar 'resting her voice', while Senior Brother Ramesh Shah's thoughts  are at the link*BK LEADER RESPONDS.

Brother Surya, speaking recently at Global House, London expanded:

      "I would also like to say a few things which are also in my mind because many Brahmins are having doubts and they are saying: what is happening to God nowadays?

Some brothers very openly have said: what is wrong with God nowadays? Nothing is wrong with God.

 I want to clarify some things; you might have noticed in last season and last 3 turns that Dadi Gulzar did not go into trance; Baba (God) came instantly in a minute; you all must have noticed that.

And so people could not understand whether Baba had come or was Dadi giving drishti (darshan). But I immediately realised no Baba has come and has entered in her body.

What was the reason for this?

Why does Baba sometimes speak in Gulzar Dadi’s voice? Many are confused; what is wrong? Why does Baba repeat the things again and again? Why is Baba not giving good murlis nowadays?  He is only giving drishti and love and just a few words and is repeating them again and again.

Baba knew that her( Dadi Gulzar the medium) brain is not powerful enough now and so He did not take her into trance, He did not pull her into trance but He directly entered her body just like He used to enter in Brahma Baba’s body… Brahma Baba did not go into trance Baba used to come and sit on the forehead.

This was the reason that Dadi did not go into trance and Baba directly entered her body".

That said, it is not generally believed that the Dadi Gulzar soul goes into 'trance' on the occasions of these Godly visits: more that the soul 'sits to one side', while remaining present though unaware of what is happening.

 Brother Surya went on saying:'So many Brahmins are also now experiencing negativity, fear and spiritual depression". Then he pointed out that this is time to have trust in the Drama and to become 'powerful yogis' which is the spiritual gift that we now need to  offer the world.

 Meantime 'God works in mysterious ways' as the hymn says and  maybe we will witness 'six impossible things before breakfast' to quote the Red Queen...we look forward...  

I am writing this at the airport en route to the Brahma Kumaris ashram,in Mt Abu Rajasthan : more news as it happens!


23/10/2015 BALI

Frank from Bali writes us :

'Having witnessed several occasions in our Balinese family temple where the soul entered someone's body and was speaking without changing the voice of that person and sometimes the soul changed the voice. If the purity of the soul whom the soul entered is high, in many cases trance is not necessary, the line is clear or the condition of the body in which the soul has entered will also play a part in in this'.🙂



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DONE Sending...

MABK | Reply 06.11.2015 17:05

Baba/God may not 'lie' Cher, but certainly spins some yarns...a sly fox perhaps.

Cher 06.11.2015 17:52

Om Shanti


Sweet and Divine love to you Brother:

Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn : Chopper Read

Cher | Reply 27.10.2015 15:33

Baba never lies

He is the truth

My faith in you Baba is strong

And yes he works in ways we do not understand

Love you

Sowing & Reaping | Reply 26.10.2015 03:52

"..are just part of Baba's wonder". As in, next it'll be Jayanti telling the faithful that it's all been a dream, and to make of it what we will.

loveleen | Reply 25.10.2015 14:00

May I pls know what is the explanation of Dadi Gulzar about this. Pls share.Thank you.

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Goodonya Robin.

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Hi Moninder: you no doubt read site ref DADI JANKI CLARITY ref DJ EEG. No ‘scientific report’ was provided to support the claim, so actuality unclear.

26.01 | 12:09

Can anyone provide me scientific references or reports about Dadi Janki ji's EEG tests!?

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Nice to find this site, Robin. An oasis in the ocean of dross which is so often BKism.

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