Pushpa, the medium for Piu, seated above Baba and Mama on a special little stage.

             Hello again dear friends, its  high time that The Mystery of Piu,was addressed. We shall do so as best we may.

NOTE: Since posting the information below, we have been given   another view from a highly credible source. Apparently Piu came only over a one year period, about 1944, and spoke only through Pushpa (Pushmamani). We note that another 'entity' spoke through other sisters, as mentioned below, but with this information we wonder who it could be? Shiva incognito? A wanderer? Clarification in February we hope, unless a reader has more to add, if so plesase do🙂

               In the background of historical research and discussions with old BKs has been ‘Piu’, an entity that spoke through the medium of various followers, beginning  in the 1940’s.Piu means father( beloved?) in Sindhi. Piu informed Bhai Lekraj that he was ‘ Prajapati God Brahma’ we understand, and Piu came as a voice and personality from time to time over a twenty year period giving advice, clarifications and the occasional Big Surprise. Piu is not mentioned in ‘Adi Dev’+ADI DEV : WHAT ? or any of the printed historical material, and the Piu tale is slowly being gathered through conversations with brothers and sisters who joined BKWSU in the 1950’s, when Piu was still active.

              Piu spoke through a number of sisters in a characteristic ‘whispering voice’, though primarily Piu spoke through Sister Pushpa, pictured above with Dada and Mama. Pushpa used to be richly dressed for the occasion as you can see, and was given a central position on a little stage. 

            Apparently, after some time Pushpa thought she should be given more special, even worshipful, treatment. Dada and Mama felt this was not appropriate, as she was just a ‘medium’ after all. So Pushpa felt inclined to leave the group, so she did, taking with her other members of The Golden Circle, which included Dadi Janki’s sister.

         Piu continued speaking through other ‘mediums ‘ from time to time. We are told there was some factional preferences between those who favoured the Brahma classes, and those who preferred the Piu classes:  Piu Vanis. As a result Piu stayed away for a period.

          Eventually, and this was in the time of Brother Jagdish, the late 1950’s even early 1960's, Piu, we are told, became recognised as Shiva, the One True God of all Religions, and that was that. A few more clarifications and the philosphy was complete, so official murlis via BapDada began in 1964,  continuing till Brahma's passing in 1969.

 Piu/Shiva never spoke through Brahma Baba in a whisper. But senior brothers make clear that when listening to live murlis, there was a subtle difference when Brahma spoke, and when Shiva spoke, or perhaps inspired Brahma Baba.

                       Otherwise, I have just returned from Madhuban , the grand  and primary ashram of the Brahma Kumaris. One thing it was good to experience was the gentle and prolonged hugging that now has quietly become part of BK culture. It reminded me of Dada Anand Kishore’s wonderful old translations of murlis pre 1980 : they  contained the word ‘affection’ from time to time, a word that does not appear in the current versions, and as I recall, the importance of having feelings of ‘affection’ among the BK family was made clear by The Speaker.

I will be at the ashram again in February, and hope to discover more amazing Piu tales from the BKWSU crypt.

BK Shankar 23.05.2017 05:36

Om Shanti,
Sister"Piu" was in year of 1938 to 1939,when Shivbaba taken her body for sakar muralis beacuse many BK were getting confusion about Shivbaba & Brahma

MABK INFO 23.05.2017 06:49

There is no ref to Shiva in any of the BK historical documents till the late 1950's. Adi Dev is quite wrong: pls ref Dr Wendy Sargent on site plus elsewhere Tx

MABK INFO 23.05.2017 06:00

Not true Shankar.There's no ref to Shiva in historical BK documents till the late 1950's. The 'Adi Dev' version is untrue, ref Dr Wendy Sargent on this site.Tx

Avani 04.03.2017 04:25

Interesting Information. I would like to know more about Piu.

Dennis 14.04.2016 19:23

Interesting Information.

Karlssen 12.03.2016 02:38

Who is Piu?Is he a God?If He is d real God then the knowledge of BKWSU should be perfect.If He is not God what could be his intention in entering Brahma's body?

Shudra Das 28.02.2016 02:32

I would have to question the "given more special treatment" line until there is better evidence as it is a common yukti or meme swirling around the BKWSU.

Sudra Das 28.02.2016 02:39

We have start by accepting the BK establishment is given to not just obfuscating the truth, but inverting it. Start by considering the opposite of what they say

SHUDRA DAS 28.02.2016 02:35

The joke is, we even get accused of it over at brahmakumaris.info. An alternative possibility is, the Circle was right critical of all the God Lekhraj worship.

Ana 23.02.2016 07:56

Who is Piu? If he is a being who has left his body who was he when he is still alive?Did Brahma Baba thought Piu is God?What is the explanation of Dadi Janki?

MABK INFO 08.03.2016 07:11

Hi Ana Dadi Janki has not in the past chosen to relate to or to discuss such matters;she is now approaching 100 so .... Good comments friends

Maggie 21.11.2015 12:59


Steven 21.11.2015 05:36

Cool thx for that always good to get more insight into it all...

DEES 21.11.2015 05:12

Pushpa was the 1st maharathi to leave according to BK re-written history.

Dees 21.11.2015 05:05

I was told she felt she wasn't given enough attention & left wiz some followers.The party didnt last as Baba stop coming.They disintegrate.Never heard her again

Lila Carol 21.11.2015 04:55

Have often wondered why we were not revising his last 7 years murlis, which would align with days, festivals, etc. This explains it !

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dadi prakashmani was a great leader and one of babas favourite students baba use to take her name in sakar murli as an example. Baba used to call her kumarika.

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baba uses destruction word so that brahmins do teevra purusharth

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in murli baba has said sangamyug is 100years baba talks about destructrion so that brahmins purusharth can take lift.babas words are kalyankari

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