A 1 litre jug of fresh cashew milk made this morning!. It is wonderful as a drink, on its own or as a base for hot chocolate, or in coffee, and use it in cooking too, instead of milk taken from animals.


            Hello again friends: introducing the zing of tasty nut milks: and the recipe!

Nut milks you make at home are fabulous : creamy and rich, not like the tapioca filled UHT versions with perhaps 2% nuts you get in supermarkets. I buy nuts from Mick's Nut Shop in Brisbane : especially broken cashews at $80 for a 5 kg bag. Sounds pricey but they last many months. and the cashew milk works out at about $1.00 a litre, cheap and undeniably the best! Also broken cashews need less soaking time : an hour at most.

 I have made almond and brazil nut milks as well…and pumpkin seed milk…all very good... but cashews are the best I find. No ‘raw’ taste like rice milk and oat milk can have, though these are just fine for pancakes and cooking. Some people add sweeteners to  milks, but with cashew milk I am happy with its own sweetness:  and its as good as Bonsoy in coffee; but don’t add cashew milk to coffee that’s really hot!

 I don’t bother to strain the milk through cheesecloth ( I used a paint strainer once though) just use a kitchen strainer,then let the very fine pulp settle. We have a commercial blender which works a treat.


1 cup raw unsalted cashew nuts soaked for 2-3 hours, OR I cup broken cashews soaked for1 hour.

4 cups water.

I pinch of salt.

You can add if you wish: 4 dates, I tsp vanilla essence, and 1/4 cup rice malt if you want to make the milk sweeter, and add another layer of flavour.

Drop everything into your blender : blend on slow… moving to high speed for a minute or so. Pour the milk through a medium kitchen sieve, moving the pulp around with a spoon, into a I litre jar and use as you once used milk from mother cow. You might like to shake it up  to incorporate the very fine pulp at the bottom, especially for cooking. Keeps in the fridge for a few days at least. It is totally delicious!🙂🙂🙂

Phillip Gough 07.08.2016 23:47

Is that Mick's Nut shop Robin?

MABK INFO 08.08.2016 04:22

Ah yes it is Phillip: a wonderful family shop: tx for the is now on the page...

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