A Happy New Year To All from Delhi College of Linguistics
Make sure you catch this educational new series online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHQRZXM-4xI


         A  series of short films by multi-award winning Australian film director Tony Rogers (tony@tonyrogers.com.au) and presented by the  'Delhi College of Linguistics', has been brought to our attention. The eight part online miniseries of attractively presented 5 minute films has been produced in a highly entertaining and informative way, and are surely worthy of study by visiting BK seniors wishing to communicate  informally 'from the heart' in public programs throughout Australia. Warning :Teachers should  be wary though of the Lambington (sic) episode, which may be disturbing to some viewers.

     We imagine the series will also be  helpful to the new Oz BK bureaucracy, especially its 'National Service Team' with its exclusive VIP sub-unit, and also benefit the 'People Matters Department' with its variety of units and subunits, OZ BK SUB-UNITS? .BK 'jimmy grants' from India coming to grips with the community, and even BKs born and bred in this wide brown land, will no doubt be enlightened by our colorful linguistic and cultural traditions. Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHQRZXM-4xI to view the full sensory attack of the complete mini- seriesCool

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RosaryOf 16 | Reply 04.05.2018 01.31

This old knowledge, this useless manmat? Shiv Baba tells the double foreigner 'make extra effort'. Bharatwasis know why.

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25.03 | 12:21

Given that ”God” is whatever you believe God to be (don't tell me your view has never changed), there’s no shortage of ”mysterious ways” to convince ourselves.

13.03 | 01:03

Yes. There is no information on the internet either. Seems to be a complete blackout, like trying to erase the memory of her and her role in the past.

05.03 | 23:45

The short version, to match limited contributions here, he turned up in full ceremonial garb which, for Sikhs, involves a ceremonial bladed weapon. Usual hype.

05.03 | 23:43

The BKs have given more than 3 version of Destruction, the Tree, the 8 Jewels, shape & nature of God/soul etc I'll try and dig out the more reliable account.

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