'Families from India', now settled in Oz, make up by far the largest number of BK students attending centres, but don't rate a pic, or even a mention, on the BK website.


The new Brahma Kumaris Australia website, well designed, nicely written, and as comforting as Mum's rice pudding, alas continues the less than honest management practises we have seen before: though thankfully, perhaps due to us being appalled, there is no longer a full page appeal for cash up front..its now just a little logo on the last page! Anyway on this new site we would respectfully like to see:

  • Photos more truly representing the membership/students, now very predominantly 'Indians' and their families: the four upfront website  images show four of my old friends: the white business partner of the web designer, a sister from Bahrain, a middle age white man who runs a centre in Brisbane, and a caucasian woman ! But...Why no Indian family pics from the VERY BIG Sydney/Melbourne diaspora? Perth too...?
  • In its outreach, see its recent website BK LITE WEBSITE! BK management is still keen to promote BK as a dynamic and youthful group but this is just not the case: the resident retreat centres, though very ably run, are sinecures for aging white stakeholders, and attract predominantly mature women to retreats: "not that there's anything wrong with that'.
  • The Australian website ignores any mention AT ALL  of the fabulously controversial BK philosophy, which, given the present state of the world, would be very timely so to do...but BK dare not do so for fear of losing patronage. And the BK story as presented on the website is both bland and riddled with inaccuracies. Presenting the challenging philosophy upfront could well appeal to more youthful and creative folk, and after all, the Philosophy predates the heavily promoted Meditation practise by decades!
  • The site also claims that BK follow a 'plant based diet'. This  means Vegan.However, BK centres follow a diet rich in all the dairy products with its attendant cruelty to factory farmed cows, their calves and slaughterhouses.The leadership  ignores appeals to adopt a cruelty free diet which is truly 'plant passed', indeed refuses to discuss such an option.See BK DIET=COW CRUELTY and see also Brahmakumaris Go Vegan on Facebook. Nice though that the website presents a few recipes, predominantly Vegan, but this is not the reality of BK kitchens.

OK friends,bye.. drop us a line and we'll post it!

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18.07 | 05:20

dadi prakashmani was a great leader and one of babas favourite students baba use to take her name in sakar murli as an example. Baba used to call her kumarika.

18.07 | 05:16

baba uses destruction word so that brahmins do teevra purusharth

18.07 | 05:11

in murli baba has said sangamyug is 100years baba talks about destructrion so that brahmins purusharth can take lift.babas words are kalyankari

14.06 | 22:39

Goodonya Robin.